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Business Ethic Essay - 275 Words

Business Ethic (Essay Sample) Content: Business Ethics(Name of Student)(Institutional Affiliation)IntroductionThe chapter is about how different people react to ethical issues at their workplace. Following this, there was a survey that was conducted by CIMA in 2008. In their report, it was noted that 27% financial professionals reported experiencing pressure to compromise ethical standards due to various reasons. Thus, since compromising ethical issues is an actual possibility, this chapter deals with ways in which an individual can respond to ethical situation. These responses are based on two main cognitive responses; categorization and particularization. Categorization involves basing the ethical issues according to their values. In particularization, an individual decides on how to deal with each situation based on its nature. In this scenario, the type of the response given depends on the nature of the scenario and the judgment of the individual involved.Categories of response to ethical issuesIn cate gorization, a specific formula is used to classify any situation and a response is given from a list of suggested responses. A matrix with eight subdivisions is used to categorize the ethical problem. The first subdivision is ethical neutrality. In this scenario, many people tend to set aside their morals if they interfere with their work. Thus, the manager either does not take any action and she/he keeps out of the problem. Another category is ethical awareness. In this scenario, the individual is aware of their ethical duty. However, such individuals do not have a logical explanation as to why they are observing the set ethics. An important aspect of ethical awareness is for the person to express emotiveness. In this scenario, the person expects the others to uphold the same ethical standards and expresses surprise if any different. Another category is ethical convention which is a classic example of categorization.In this case, the ethical issue is allocated to a specific class and the specified solutions used to solve the issue. The specified solutions include social norms, expectations and standard of professional behavior, or the various constraints associated with the given organization. Conventional ethical norms are presented in informal forms and if written they are presented in general terms. In this scenario, an individual respond with consulting with others and applying the set norms to deal with the situation. An ethical puzzle only occurs in a clear moral context. In this scenario, a given formula is used to arrive at the best solution for the ethical situation.In this case, a person can calculate the consequences of an action and based on the results give the best solution. An ethical problem is where there is no optimal solution to t...

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Human Trafficking A Form Of Modern Day Slavery - 2259 Words

Max Liu Mrs. D English 3 5/9/2016 Issue on Human Trafficking Stott and Ramey stated in their journal: â€Å"Human Trafficking described as a form of modern-day slavery, human trafficking tremendously violates the rights of its victims. Human trafficking is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing business of organized crime. Bales and Lize explained that human trafficking is a means by which people are brought into as well as maintained in, slavery and forced labor. It is an actual process of enslavement† (Stotts and Ramey, 36-47). Human trafficking is a violation to the whole community of human on the Earth. It destroys the well-developed human society. It is the new slavery of modern time, trading African slaves are not allowed†¦show more content†¦Human trafficking affects a lot of people around the globe, people who are vulnerable have a higher chance to get involved in the business. Edwards and Luellen found out â€Å"Human trafficking involves millions of people, most of whom are female and half of whom are minorsâ₠¬  (Stotts, 36-47). Human trafficking is a huge chain business; it connects with all the human resources department in the world. It might sound unfamiliar, but it is widely affecting everybody. When a company needs workers that are cheap and hardworking, they will highly likely to get in touch with the human traffickers. It is very obvious that when traffickers look for victims they will try to find females and minors first. Females and minors from poor places are the most vulnerable groups of people in the human society, it is enormously easy for traffickers to locate them as targets. Females and minors have a significantly low chance of fighting against human traffickers and they are normally easy to brainwash or mentally break down, besides people from poor places usually have little knowledge and they are easily tempted. Human trafficking does not only happen in the poor and undeveloped country like in south America or Africa, it also becomes the main issue in the developed re gion. Europe is considered as one of the most developed regions in the world. Although most countries in this region are rich, it still suffers from human trafficking. It forced

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Accounting and Finance 992 Supermarkets

Question: Describe about the Accounting and Finance for 992 Supermarkets. Answer: Introduction: The report discusses the core operating activities of the Woolworths Limited, and the progress of company against its strategic plans. It also encompasses the discussion about the issues emerging from the chairpersons report, managing directors report, and corporate responsibility report. Along with this, it analyzes the key financial ratios of the Woolworths Ltd and evaluates the value creation of the company in terms of six capital over the year. Apart from this, it provides some recommendation regarding improving its ratio and removing the issues emerged in the company. Woolworths Limited: Introduction and core operating activities Woolworths Limited is an Australian retail company founded in 1924 with the nominal capital of AUD 44063 (Woolworths limited, 2015). It is ranked the second largest Australian company in terms of revenue. The company reaps the most part of its total profit from the supermarkets and grocery stores in Australia. The Woolworths Ltd. is provided job to around 190000 employees across the Australian economy. The Woolworths Ltd. comprises of supermarkets and petrol, liquor, Big W, master home improvement, Hotels, financial service, Woolworths reward and ezibuy. Supermarkets and Petrol: The company owns about 992 supermarkets, 5 Thomas Dux grocery stores, 184 Countdown grocery stores (in New Zealand), and 530 petrol stations' (IBIS WOrld, 2016). Endeavour Drinks Group: Woolworths run its business of liquor online as well as offline. 'Dan Murphys, BWS, Cellarmasters, Langtons and are the main channel of the company in selling liquor products (Annual Report, 2015). BIG W: The Woolworths limited has approx 186 Big W discount department stores across the Australia (IBIS WOrld, 2016). Hardware, software, health beauty products, books and stationery, homewares, toys, sports equipment, clothing, recorded media, automotive goods and pet food' are the main products which are sold under the brand name of Big W stores. Masters Home Improvement: This brand was developed by the company in the year 2011 that retails approx 35,000 products both offline and online (Annual Report, 2015). Paint, kitchens and kitchen appliances, bathroom and plumbing supplies, flooring and tiles, lighting and fans, building supplies and timber, storage and cleaning supplies, decorating materials, electrical and hardware items and gardening and outdoor living products are sold under the master home improvement brand of the company. Hotels: The Woolworths Limited also operates around 331 hotels and restaurants across the Australian economy with the majority of its subsidiary, Australian Leisure Hospitality Group (IBIS WOrld, 2016). Financial Services: The Woolworths money comprises of Woolworths Money, which provides the financial services, which includes gift cards, credit cards, reloadable Master Cards and resold insurance products in the Australia (IBIS WOrld, 2016). Woolworths Rewards: The company was started the Woolworths Reward in 2007 throughout the Australia that provides the reward in forms of discounts and some other special offers. Ezibuy: Ezibuy provides the facility of buying the apparel and homeware online and offline. It is the leading brand of the Woolworths in apparel and homeware catalog market (IBIS WOrld, 2016). Progress of company against its strategic priority: The Woolworths Ltd. is progressing on its strategy priority effectively. The company has determined its priority to be leading organization in food and liquor industry, to increase the wealth of its shareholders, and to keep the record of the Woolworths performance to enter into new businesses (Woolworths Limited, 2015). The company progressed on these priorities. The company had increased net income, increased sales, and market share. The company delivered outstanding services and delighted its customers by providing the quality products at a rational price that provided the saving of $750 to its customers. It smoothens the process of shopping and provides the customers with easy access to stores with the help of e-commerce. It serves more than 2 billion customers per day. The company ran a campaign more saving every day, which gave the drastic reduction in the price by 2.9%. it sprung a campaign direct from farmers that gives the freshness to the liquor offering of the company that caused the sales and profit of the company to increase. It developed a shopping center, which was listed separately on the ASX that helped the company in raising the capital of $500 million, which was used in acquiring the 34 new hotels for the hotel division of the company (Annual Report, 2015). This provided the company with the amazing progress on its strategy. The company promoted the online shopping by ezibuy that increased the sales revenue of the company. Apart from this, the company invested in the excellent supply chain that helped mostly the home improvement and Big W division of the company. Along with this, it developed a database system in which it records the customer data, which helps it in tracking the needs and desires of customers. Issues emerging from chairpersons report: The chairperson of the Woolworths Mr. Gordon Cairns revealed some issues in its report that the company faced during the year 2015. The issues emerged during the fiscal year 2015 posed an adverse situation against the company that is why the fiscal year 2015 was kept very challenging for the company. From the report, it is found that the company took up some changes in the structure of the company to increase the customer services with a view to providing them greater satisfaction and to increase the profitability of the company. The company builds some crucial changes in the senior management team that affected the hub of talent and skills in the organization (Annual Report, 2015). Because every new people bring some changes in the organization as they want to apply their own approach to the operation of the business. This endangered the issue of establishing the coordination and cooperation among the team members as new people were hired in the management. Apart from this, the company also changed its strategy with the intention of improving the product delivery to provide the customer with great experience of shopping in the retail store of the company. It approached a model lean retailing which also affected the sales of the company in the fiscal year 2015. Apart from this, Mr. Gordon Cairns stated that the company got its group sales decreased by 0.2 percent in 2015 that was the result of declined sales of fuel and the average price of fuel sales. However, the profitability of the company has increased, the company has faced some issues in meeting its target regarding the market share and cost cutting. The operating cost of the company was slightly increased in the fiscal year 2015 over the previous year. Issues emerging from the report of Managing Director: The Managing Director of the Woolworths Limited acknowledged that even the company gained in 2015 but not significant over the previous year as per the target was decided about. The competition level increased in the market, which posed the stiff situation against the Woolworths. It was faced the competition from the existing as well as the new entrance to the market. The disturbance in the global economy, as well as the declination of the economic activities, was affected the growth of the Woolworths. The sluggish market growth of the economy due to recession affected the growth of the Woolworths. Along with this, the managing director told that the Woolworths Limited was failed in hedging the effect of the change in interest and exchange rate that was affected its growth and profitability in the global economy (Annual Report, 2015). Apart from this, there are some regulations restricted by the government, which the company has to comply with. These regulations given the cost increased to the operation of the company. It is also found that the company was faced problems in improving the customer experience in the shopping centers and its stores due to its management ineffectiveness. Furthermore, the company does not own the effective distribution system that can provide the merchandise and delivery of products to its customers and stores. It affects the market share and the sales of the company. The company had the risk related to the inability of the company in delivering the products to the customers at the time. Issues emerging from the Corporate Responsibility Report: The Woolworths Limited is working under the sustainability strategy since eight-year that it developed to be the leading organization in the retail industry and improve the customer experience in retail stores. The company reached to its targets it decided under its corporate responsibility but failed in achieving the objective of zero waste food to landfill in 2015. It faced issues relating to the human, diversity of culture, environment and operation in accomplishing its corporate responsibilities (Corporate Responsibility, 2015). The company was set up a lean model that was aimed to reduce the food waste to landfill. But, due to the operational inefficiency of the company, the model failed in achieving the objective. Key Financial ratios: Types of Ratio Formula Calculation of ratio Current ratio Current assets/Current liabilities 7,660.9/ 9,168.6 = 0.84 Trade receivable Sales /debtors and receivables 60868.40/ 885.2 = 68.76 Trade receivable Sales /debtors and receivables 60868.40/ 885.2 = 68.76 Asset turnover Sales revenue/Total assets 60868.40/ 25,336.8 =2.40 Inventory Turn Over Cost of goods sold/Inventory 44,344.8/ 4,872.2 =9.10 Gross profit Gross profit/Net sales*100 16,523.6/60868.40 = 27.15 Net profit Net profit/Net sales*100 2137.40/60868.40*100 =3.51 Return on Equity (Net income/Shareholders' Equity)*100 2137.40/11132.00*100 =19.20 Debt -equity ratio Total debts/ shareholders fund 5,036.20/11132.00 = 0.45 Source: Annual Report, (2015) Evaluation of the Companys Value Creation: There is basic six capital defined by the IIRC in its report that these six capital create the value for the company. These six capitals include the financials, Human, Manufacturing, intellectual, social and relationship, and natural (Adams, 2015). These are the base for evaluating the value creation of the company: Financial: Financial provide the information about the financial performance of the company during the year. The above calculated some key financial ratio gives the information about the financial position of the company in 2015. From the above ratio analysis table, it is found that the liquidity position of the company in 2015 was worse because the short-term liability of the company was more than the unavailable current assets with the company. The company was not able to meet its short-term liabilities that could affect its operation (Uechi, 2015). At the same time, the profitability of the company was not good as expected. The gross profit was only 27.15%, which indicates that the cost of the production and operating income was increased that caused the sales revenue to decrease. Apart from this, the net profit of the company is only 3.51%, which indicate the inefficiency of the company in slashing off its cost of operation. The return on equity is 19.20% that is lower that means the company is providing less return due to less net income of the company (Healy and Palepu, 2012). Apart from this, the asset turnover ratio was 2.40%, which was also lesser that, indicates the improper and ineffective utilization of the resources for increasing the sales revenue. The debtors turnover ratio was good with 68.76%, which indicates its efficiency in collecting debts from the market more frequently. Along with this, the debt equity ratio was 0.45% that represents that the company was having lesser debts over its equities. Overall, it can be said that even the company got profit but the financial strength of the Woolworths was not good during the financial year 2015. The company needs to work on improving its profitability, strengthening its liquidity position and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the management. Manufacturing: The Woolworths limited invests large money in buildings, materials, technology, equipments and infrastructure of the company with the great intention of precluding the hurdles in the production process to ensure the capability of the company to meet the customers orders timely (Woolworths Limited, 2015). Human: The company treat its employees in the organisation as the valuable assets of the company. The company arranges training and development programs, give the rewards to the employees based on their performance, and offer incentives and bonuses that stimulate the performance of the employees (Haniffa et al, 2013). The company is having approx 190000 employees with versed in different aspects of the company that ensures the great customer experiences with services in the stores. Intellectual: The company own various brands in the Australia, which caused it to be the second largest company in the Australia (Woolworths Limited, 2015). The company trace out the trends go on in the market and learn it. After that, it reflect its learning into its creativity, building new brands, developing new products and using new process that prove the intellectual of the company (Beattie and Smith, 2013). It used merchandise system to manage the trade and inventory of the company, and online stores to make the easy shopping for customers. Social and relationship: The Woolworths Ltd has a close relationship with its stakeholders as it does fair and ethical trade practices. It involves the customers in deciding about the products and services that create the strong relationship between the company and customers (Corporate responsibility, 2015). The company seeks to ensure the reliability, transparency, and fairness in its business processes. Natural: The Woolworths uses different natural resources such as land, water, biotic and abiotic assets that help it in achieving its target effectively and efficiently. In addition, it is identified that the Woolworths set up a lean model, which helps it in utilizing the resources optimum, as well as reduce the waste of resources to landfill (Integrating reporting, 2013). Therefore, based on the six-capital analysis of the company, it can be said that the six capitals it using create a great value for the company that is the base of reputation of the company in the economy. Recommendation: In above report, it has been analyzed that the company is always ready to invest in six capitals above discussed to create the good brand value for it. Therefore, it can be recommended that client can invest in the company. Along with this, even the company is gaining lower profit, but till it provides the higher returns to the shareholders. The company is ranked as the second largest retail company in the Australia. It has the strong relationship with its stakeholders as it follows the ethical values and norms in its trade practices that help it in growing. The debt level of the company over its equity funds is very lower so that it can be preferred for the investment. Conclusion: From the above report it can be concluded that the Woolworths always ready to invest in the six capital which includes human, financial, intellectual, social and relationship, natural, and manufacturing, with an intention to create the good value for the company. Along with this, the company progressed well in against of its strategic plans but also faced different issues such zero waste to landfill, change in structure, economic declination, and global crisis. The financial performance is not good, because the profit level of the company is very low and at the same time the, liquidity is lesser in the company. References: Adams, C. (2015). Understanding Integrated Reporting: The Concise Guide to Integrated Thinking and the Future of Corporate Reporting. Do Sustainability. Woolworths limited (2015) Who We Are: Our Brands. Retrieved from Woolworths limited (2015). Who We Are: Strategy and objective. Retrieved from Woolworths limited (2015). Who We Are: How we were found? Retrieved from Corporate Responsibility (2015). Woolworths corporate responsibility report, 2015. Retrieved from IBIS World (2016). Woolworths Ltd - Premium Company Report Australia. Retrieved from Beattie, V., Smith, S. J. (2013). Value creation and business models: Refocusing the intellectual capital debate.The British Accounting Review,45(4), 243-254. Choo Huang, C., Luther, R., Tayles, M., Haniffa, R. (2013). Human capital disclosures in developing countries: figureheads and value creators.Journal of Applied Accounting Research,14(2), 180-196. Annual Report (2015). Retrieved from Integrating Reporting (2013). Capitals. Retrieved from Uechi, L., Akutsu, T., Stanley, H. E., Marcus, A. J., Kenett, D. Y. (2015). Sector dominance ratio analysis of financial markets.Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications,421, 488-509. Healy, P. M., Palepu, K. G. (2012).Business Analysis Valuation: Using Financial Statements. Cengage Learning.

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personal narrative free essay sample

My mom and I were in the kitchen cooking dinner. As usual, I was standing on a little metal cow print stool I needed in order to reach the counter. Growing up, enchiladas were my favorite thing to make. My mom and I had a special way of preparing them and it became â€Å"our thing† to do with each other. Still to this day, we do things the same way. I put the cheese and meat filling in the enchilada, and she rolls them. Having this system made me realize how much I enjoyed spending time cooking. Ive always felt comfortable in the kitchen and anytime I havent known how to do something, I will look it up or use that as an excuse to sit around watching cooking shows. Growing up, my parents always talked about opening a bed and breakfast in the mountains. I never understood why they were interested in doing that. We will write a custom essay sample on personal narrative or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Once I started cooking and baking it all became clear. It wasnt a job; it was a passion for my parents. Having a bed and breakfast was something my parents could do to pay the bills, enjoy life and give someone else a chance to do the same. One day we found a piece of property that was perfect. It had beautiful log cabins, a miniature water park and an algae infested pond. We couldnt afford the property at the time, and my parents just kind of let go of their dream. However, thats when I picked it up. Since then, Ive always dreamed of opening my own bakery or bed and breakfast where I could spend all of my time cooking and baking. If my parents had not spent the time teaching and helping me in the kitchen, I cant imagine what my life would be like. I am so grateful to have grown up in a food loving environment. Cooking and baking will always be a passion for me, whether its school, a job or just on my own time.

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1984 Essays - Fiction, Literature, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Politics

1984 Essays - Fiction, Literature, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Politics 1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four is a compelling novel, written in the period just after W.W.II. It details the life of one man, Winston Smith, and his struggles with an undoubtedly fascist government. The book is set approximately in the year 1984, in which Winston's society is ruled by a governing force known as The Party. At the head of this government is a fictional figure known as Big Brother, to whom all citizens must love and respect. In this society, privacy and freedom do not exist. People are constantly monitored by telescreens, and subjected to a constant barrage of propaganda. Any devious thought or action is dealt with by cruel and deadly punishment. Winston is a worker in one of the government agencies. His job: to rewrite the past so that The Party, specifically Big Brother, appears to be omnipotent. From as long as he can remember, he has despised The Party and what it stood for, although he doesn't reveal his true feelings to anyone around him. When Winston begins a torrid love affair with one of the young women in his agency named Julia, he finds someone else who shares in his beliefs. The two have several meetings throughout the book, in which they discuss their hatred for the government. They join a secret alliance called The Brotherhood, who's specific purpose is the end of The Party. Through the literature of The Brotherhood, they learn about the inner workings of The Party and how it accomplishes its stronghold on the people. The world as Winston knows it comes crashing down when he and Julia are arrested by the thought police, a faction of the government which deals with those who do not agree and abide by the ways of The Party. They are taken to a prison unlike any other. Winston is constantly tortured and beaten, until he confesses to crimes which he didn't commit or never even happened. If the party just killed Winston right away, they might run the risk of making a martyr out of him. Instead they re-educate him with the morals of The Party, using such techniques as pain, starvation, and using Winston's greatest fear against him. Once re- educated, he is introduced back into society. But he is not the same person, just a hollow shell. Winston had once said in the novel that if he could die hating Big Brother, then he would have won. But when Winston is finally killed, the only thing he can think is that he loves Big Brother. As this book was written just after the reign of Hitler in W.W.II, one can easily guess where Orwell got the basis for it. The world was in a general state of disbelief and panic after the atrocities that Hitler had committed. It was hoped that nothing like this would ever happen again. Nineteen Eighty- Four is a good reason why. The novel shows what could have happened if Hitler was able to continue upon his quest for power. The novel can also apply to the present era, as the novel was actually set in more modern times. Not only does the novel apply to Hitler's way of thinking, but also to Stalin. Even though both are at opposite sides of the political spectrum, they both established totalitarian governments. The Party also ran a totalitarian government but on a much larger scale. A large part of the novel deals with the relationship between The Party and society. Many of the techniques used by The Party are similar to those used by Hitler or any controlling government for that matter. One of these ways is by propaganda. With telescreens in everyone's homes, it was very easy to broadcast the views and beliefs of The Party. Also, as this was the only form of broadcasted media, the government could easily control what the people watched and listened to. Another form of propaganda was by means of posters and slogans. In this society it was impossible to go anywhere without seeing a poster of Big Brother and reading slogans such as BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU and War is Peace...Freedom is Slavery...Ignorance is Strength. Hitler was a big fan of propaganda and used it a great deal. Also, The Party controlled all written media, and therefore could write and re-write anything it chooses to. During his reign, Hitler realized that he needed to get younger people involved in

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Progressive Movement and the New Deal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Progressive Movement and the New Deal - Essay Example Social and economic change was not only necessary but vital towards the success of America itself as the government was extremely ambitious to implement these reforms. While recession continued to haunt countries worldwide, the progressive movement and the new deal established a solid ground for fundamental change. The progressive movement and new deal were similar because they introduced new programs, embedded reform and paved the way for greatness for the nation. The progressive movement and the new deal in essence were similar in many ways. First and foremost was the fact that it halted the progress of rebellion that was about to up heal during the industrial era. The progressive movement introduced new economic programs partly due to the fact that the muckrakers quest to address the ills of the society that were ruining the nation. The effort to improve society was a major push that was new to the nation as key issues such as reforming working conditions and assisting the mentall y ill people challenged the whole notion of old traditions. The era of progressivism movement can be Progressivism at its best aimed to remove corruption by imposing child labor laws, addressing lynching based on racism, and removing politicians that were involved in illegal business practices. At the local level, progressivism continued to display brilliant signs of reform as the construction of schools was pushed, political machines were dissolved, and politics was addressed in an efficient manner. Similarly, the new deal, was a focal point of domestic reform. Roosevelt’s New Deal was considered of two phases that were planned to recovery and relief. The first phase concentrated on to heal society from Great Depression through different channels. Acts such as the Agricultural Adjust Administration clearly boosted agriculture reform. Bank reform occurred in Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which installed a limit and tightened finance regulations.  

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The role of the World Bank Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The role of the World Bank - Essay Example d its operations on 25 June 1946 and its first loan was approved on 9 May 1947 for the postwar rehabilitation and reconstruction ventures as concerns to France. It was at the time the largest loans to have been issued by the World Bank. The five parts (agencies) of the World Bank comprise of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), International Finance Corporation (IFC), International Development Association (IDA), International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and lastly the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA). The activities of the World Bank emphasize more on its role towards the developing nations, ones which are doing their best to catch on to the bandwagon of the developed nations. The fields that the World Bank focuses upon in these developed nations include human development which can take into concern the subjects related with education and health. Then there is the field of agriculture and rural areas development emphasizing more towards the irrigation activities and steps and the rural services. Environmental protection is also a related field coming under the focus discussion of the World Bank. This field takes a look at the areas which discuss the reduction of pollution as well as the manners in which regulations could not only be established but also enforced as a result. Infrastructure is a significant area that is seen courtesy the World Bank whereby the main point of emphasis is on the construction of roads, electricity provision and urban regeneration. Governance is the last pivotal area that World Bank takes into account and this speaks about the anti-corruption laws and measures in place and if the same are missing, then the manner in which these can be had in the first place. Also governance entails of the development of the legal institutions and other relevant corporations coming under this banner. World Bank tries its best to provide loans and other related incentives at